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Become a certified binaural reiki therapist brt®

Previous knowledge  

The education gives you tools in going deeper into your own process to become one  integrated human being. When you make your actions conscious  it will be easier to achieve your goals in life.

As a BRT® therapist, you can  support  others in their  development.  There are no technical requirements when you apply  about getting a Diploma  BRT® - Therapist.

You who are applying for the education  is in good health and does not suffer from any addiction problems. You should preferably be a person who practices some form of meditation, staying in nature, thinking  positive, see solutions ahead  problems and have an understanding for your fellow human beings.


Vocational training that expands your skills

You who already have a basic and / or university education in health and care, e.g. psychologist,  sociologist, occupational therapist, assistant nurse, nurse and / or have another therapeutic education, will receive new tools when you  meet your  clients / patients.  

Duration of education

1 year including 2 months internship period.

The education is made up of both practice and theory.

Number of hits

Gendai Reiki Ho 4 levels:

1 time / month

- 9  training weekends (Saturday 10:00  -18: 00 + Sunday 10:00 -  17:00)

- 1 training weekend with TMI Outreach Workshop® 

- Accommodation 2  days 

(Saturday 10:00  -18: 00 + Sunday 10:00 -  17:00)

Educational content


- Usui Reiki Ryoho 4 levels:

* Level I  Shoden

* Level II Okuden

* Level III  Shinpiden

* Level IV  Okuikaiden

   Reiki Master / Shihan


- Training material / manual from Gendai Reiki Network Japan (English, Spanish)


- TMI Outreach workshop ®  - Hemi-Sync® sound technology. With guest teacher from TMI Europe Arkaitz Skarmendi


Course structure

Term 1 :

Usui Reiki Ryoho 4 levels:

* 2 weekends for each level which includes theory and practice

* Reiki Circle group leader

A total of 8 weekends

Term 2 :

The Monroe Institute sound technology Hemi-Sync ® : 2 - 3 days

Remaining 2 weekends for practice of:

* the integrated Reiki + Hemi-Sync ® sound technology

* Reiki Circle group leader

Internship period

2 months internship period with training clients


* Diploma BRT ® Therapist  obtained after the end of the academic year +  approved internship period

* Diploma from The Monroe Institute for the use of Hemi-Sync ® sound technology

* Diploma for accredited group leader for Reiki Circle.

Read more about the following under Practical Information:

* Registration

* Payment method

* Overnight stay

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