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Gendai Reiki Network

The universe and everything in it  consists of vibrations also known as wave motions. We are surrounded by vibrations and in fact we are humans made of these wave motions as well.

Reiki is one of the vibrations that fill the universe.

Among many types of vibrations, there are high level wave motions that can heal diseases and help us gain peace of mind. It has been recognized since time immemorial. This vibration is known as Reiki and  is a gift from the universe. It is the wave of love, harmony, and healing.

Reiki  resonates with increased human consciousness, and it  leads us to health and happiness.

By practicing Usui Reiki-ho,   we open the way to make our lives more peaceful, rewarding, and valuable. Its goal is to strengthen our own waves of motion so that we do not  resounds  with negative vibrations connected to  worries, anger or  anxiety that gives us  stress and  disease.

      Level I:  Shoden "teaching  begins "

In the first Reiki level you will learn about the origins of Reiki and about the connections with the eastern traditions, its purpose and scope. Knowledge of the techniques used for healing and energizing purposes.  Shoden  gives you the basic tools to be able to start using Reiki energy in daily chores, for your loved ones, your pets, plants and also to cleanse your surroundings

to a refreshing and relaxing place.


      Level 2:  Okuden "the intermediate degree"

This Reiki level introduces symbols and techniques that make it possible to send Reiki to your projects or to  situations /

experiences in the past. You can relive in a protected state events that left traces in your life and change your emotional relationship with them by leaving them aside. With  Okuden can also release energy that slows or blocks the flow. 

* Requirements: diploma of level 1

      Level 3:  Shinpiden "Mysteries of Mystery"

It is the penultimate level according to the Gendai Reiki Ho system.

The Shinpiden education includes the Master symbol, its meaning and

use, self-cleaning techniques and affirmation techniques.

To complete the education, a diploma is required for level 1 and level 2

* diplomas of previous levels are a requirement.

      Level 4:  The Okuikaid "the highest doctrine"

It is the highest level of Reiki, according to the Gendai Reiki Ho system.

In Okuikaiden  the training includes Reiki leadership principles.





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