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Sealoe Leffen

member of  the Dolphin Energy Club  TMI

&  Reiki Shihan


Sealoe is Reiki Master (Reiki Shihan) and member of the Japan Gendai Reiki Network. She has long experience helping people relax, improve their quality of life, and access to the vibrant energy of the higher dimension. As a Reiki light worker she sends this powerful energy toward lives, families and projects.

Sealoe collaborates with the Monroe Institute (TMI), sending healing energy along with other members of the TMI Dolphin Energy Club to many people around the world.

In her therapy sessions she uses a combination of Hemi-Sync frequencies and Reiki energy to induce deep states of relaxation. This process, as is supported by several studies, has proven to be extremely effective in accompanying and supporting the healing process and in promoting meditation, self-awareness and creativity.

Sealoe holds a Master's degree in Fine Art at Universidad de Chile, Chile.
She lives In Sweden since 1987, working on various techniques of public art: al Fresco, Sgraffito and the so-called Scandinavian Enamel for public decoration. Her artworks were acquired by municipalities for public decorations, companies and some of them are also part of private collections. Her video performances have been exhibited in several art festivals. The cosmology of her artistic work includes shamanic elements and the search for the unity of the spirit through common basic roots shared by all human beings.

She is a founder and current director of Hibiscus Center in Malmö. The Hibiscus Center started the year 2012 as a project to work with complementary forms of rehabilitation, focusing on helping people who are involved in complex daily life situations or feel somehow entrapped, to overcome the situation and move on.

In this area, the Hibiscus Center develops and runs pilot programs in art, recycling, origami and radio broadcast in cooperation with NGOs Origami Lab Sweden and Radio Mundo. These are non-governmental organizations with long experience working with people of different ages and background. Through these processes the Hibiscus Center has made remarkable achievements, developed practical interactive tools and techniques to support personal growth processes and capabilities. This has resulted in more independent and happy people, able to face the challenges of their lives in a creative and comprehensive way.

Thereby, the combination of Reiki and Hemi-Sync is an enjoyable, wonderful and effective way to support many processes of healing and personal growth, as those as Sealoe has had the privilege of accompanying method.


Arkaitz Eskarmendi

Outreach Facilitator

& Residential Trainer


Arkaitz Eskarmendi is Monroe Institute's certified Outreach Facilitator and Residential trainer. He is your guide in the life-changing journeys at TMI Scandinavia.

Arkaitz was born in San Sebastian, Spain. Since childhood he felt that something was missing in life and started his quest for the `missing factor´at a very early age.
Along the years he tried many tools and techniques for self development, trying to unveil the depths of human consciousness.


While working on his master's degree on International Trade and Logistics, Arkaitz was given the opportunity to read Bob Monroe's books. Reading of Bob's experiences, along with a first contact with the Hemi-Sync technology provided an unmistakable sense of `this is the way to go '. And this is the way he went until, before he knew he became a TMI OutreachFacilitator and Residential Trainer.


Now he facilitates both weekend and Residential programs. He is also a member of the Monroe Institute's Professional
Division and Local Chapter Regional Coordinator for Spain and Portugal.

Using Hemi-Sync on a regular basis, personally, with program participants and with individual clients, has brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment to life that is hard to describe. Life has turned into an incredible adventure, full of meaning and
Arkaitz also helps people improve their lives with coaching, hypnosis and other techniques.




Claudia A. Peña

Outreach Facilitator  TMI

& Reiki Shihan

Claudia holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She has devoted her scientific career to the protection of the environment through the implementation of life cycle thinking as a means to move towards sustainable consumption and production. In this area she served as director of the unit of industrial sustainability at the Research Center of Mining and Metallurgy, alongside contributing to the Panel on Sustainable Resource Management of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and to the  UNEP- SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.  


Her commitment with a better world has led her to develop R&D projects and programs in this area, and also to train new scientists and professionals to continue and deepen this work. In this new relationship with the planet, we must address the needs of today's society, improving the quality of life and welfare of the people, but without preventing future generations and life on the planet can meet their own needs as well.


Consistent with this vision of the world she integrates to the sustainable development analysis, the dimension of the human being as a whole, and thus considers the individual happiness, her / his social and material aspirations and her / his needs of emotional and spiritual development. Under this perspective, the approach for the understanding, exploring and developing of the consciousness that The Monroe Institute® (TMI) has developed over decades of scientific research resonates beautifully with the concept of a better world, for which Claudia has been working professionally for over twenty years.


Being a TMI trainer allow her to contribute to the integral development of people, by making her able to bring the effective and beautiful technological and methodological tools developed by TMI for the exploration of consciousness (workshops and hemi -sync frequencies), to people interested in exploring and deepening their self-awareness, or simply to those who are curious and / or want to know more about themselves and TMI.


Claudia is also a Reiki Master, graduated in Japan 2008 and certified by the Gendai Reiki Network.

She is also a scholar interested in evolutionary anthropology, of the runes of the ancient Nordic peoples, and of other disciplines developed by ancient peoples and of scope of synchronicity.


Carmen Montoto

Residential Trainer  TMI & BrainGym Instructor

Carmen graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in History of Art. She also studied Home Design, Photo Reading, Kinesiology and various methods in alternative healing.  


She is a Brain Gym and Hado Instructor and a TMI Outreach and Off Campus Residential Trainer. 

Carmen has offered conferences and workshops in Iceland, North and South America, the Caribbean about Hemi-Sync® and its uses.


As a Member of the Professional Division of TMI she has generated more than12 research projects on the use of Hemi-Sync to enhance learning and help children with learning disabilities.

With Jacqueline Mast, she organized the International Conference on Special Education in Puerto Rico. For many years Carmen  created a Childrens' Summer Theater Workshop using Metamusic®.  


She developed a program called "Wiring" or ALAMBRAjE, combining Hemi-Sync, Brain Gym Exercises, breathing techniques, positive affirmations, and the arts to increase the learning skills and wellness of children. This system was incorporated in some schools in Puerto Rico.


Carmen has participated as a speaker in many activities related to Autism and ADHD, presenting Hemi-Sync and Brain Gym as useful tools to help children and adults in Special Education Programs. She is also Director of MC2, a place that offers classes and various workshops and activities that promote the arts, enhance learning, healing and spiritual development.



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