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TREATMENTS  Private individuals

Invest in your own health and in the ones you love!

Experience our unique treatments with USUI REIKI RYOHO GRH and  BINAURAL REIKI BRT® in combination with Hemi-Sync® TMI sound technology 

In a relaxed environment, you are met by your therapist. Treatment time consists of conversation and treatment.

To get the best results from your treatments, we recommend between

4 - 6 st. treatments, once a week or every other week.

Book your first treatment now!  


BRT® treatment incl. call: SEK 650 / occasion, 60 -90 min

When investing  4 treatment sessions 2,200 k.

When investing 2 treatment sessions SEK 1,200

All our BRT® treatments are insured via Ålands Försäkrings AB - Gefvert

We are members of the Gendai Reiki Network Japan & United Reiki Association in Sweden



It pays to invest in the health of your employees!

Increase your and your employees' performance and create efficiency by recharging new energy, increasing the ability to concentrate and a sharper mind!


BINAURAL REIKI BRT® treatment consists of Usui Reiki Ryoho  in combination with the Hemi-Sync® TMI sound technology. The treatment only with Usui Reiki Ryoho GRH can also be booked separately.


Book one or more treatments for your workplace. For more information contact us by email:  

Tax-free benefit:

Reiki is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency as free preventive treatment and rehabilitative wellness.


Strengthen your immune system BRT ®

60 - 90 min. 650: - / occasion

With our treatments, you give yourself 

the possibility of boosting the immune system.

The treatment gets your brain in balance  with renewed energy,  the body relaxes when tensions dissolve.

The whole system is needled and given time to recover and strengthen.

Salida del sol sobre el campo de trigo
Chronic stress & difficulty sleeping BRT ®  ​​
60 - 90 min.  650: - / occasion

Achieve deep relaxation and balance with the combination of Reiki and the Hemi-Sync® sound technology.


The treatment undergoes your whole body being recharged with renewed energy.

To promote the ability to concentrate BRT ®
60 -90 min. 650: - / occasion

Through the BRT® treatment, your brain gets in balance. With better focus and concentration, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals.

Get support during the healing process BRT®
​​ 60 -90 min. 650: - / occasion

Supportive treatment that facilitates the healing process in recovery from, for example, illness, accidents, chronic pain and inflammation. 


Children & Youth BRT®

60 - 90 min. 600: - / occasion

Treatment 10 occasions: 5000: -


With the BRT® method, we help children to:

* Lower stress levels in everyday life

* Improve sleep quality 

* Promote learning and concentration skills

Buceador y corales
Relationships BRT®
​​ 90 min. 110 0: -  2 pers.

Through various tools and conversations, we help you to manage conflicts, improve communication, resolve blockages and increase your energy.


Movimiento borroso
Reiki at a distance BRT®
4 occasions SEK 6,00
1 occasion SEK 120

Sending Usui Reiki Ryoho brings light and energy to your goals and projects. Healing energy  to relationships and to those you love.  

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