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Under Binaural  Reiki Circle releases stagnant and heavy energy. This happens when  we resonate with the energies that vibrate at high frequencies. Healing processes are initiated on both a physical and mental level.

Reiki Circle is also a very powerful tool where each individual a strong component in the group that has been formed.

Together we create a powerful energy field that radiates through our breathing and hands.

During the Reiki Circle, our own energy flow is increased with the pure vibration of the Reiki energy. At every opportunity, we send the Reiki energy to ourselves.

We end with Binaural Reiki Meditation as  helps us to strengthen and retain the acquired Reiki energy. 

Together we send Reiki to those we love and our goal is to send Reiki's healing energy to all living things in the world.


From start to finish, you will be guided by a certified Reiki shihan / master from the Gendai Reiki Network Japan.

Binaural Reiki Circle

Duration: 45 min / occasion

Normal price: DKK 100

When buying a 10-card SEK 800

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