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Restorative Reiki® training is designed to help you who may need extra support to deal with physical ailments and want to feel better. 

Healing processes are set in motion both physically and mentally when Reiki helps you release stagnant and heavy energy.

The workout also has a strengthening effect on your immune system, better sleep quality, improvement in concentration and increased joy.

At the same time, your mind and brain halves will have better focus & balance.

Throughout the training session, we use Hemi-Sync® sound technology,

developed by The Monroe Institute.  Thanks to its deep relaxing sound frequencies, you can connect to higher aspects of yourself.


Restorative Reiki® training is divided into three parts:


* Physical exercises

Soft standing / sitting body exercises adapted for people with mobility difficulties, chronic pain, stiffness, problems with balance and other body related symptoms.


Through soft and slow movements we train balance, mobility in legs, arms, feet, hands, neck, head, internal organs. We also train the small internal muscles in the pelvic floor and through various breathing exercises we bring more oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body.


* Reiki circle

With slow movements, we enter Reiki's energy flow, which increases time and time again. It helps us to vibrate in the high frequencies of the pure Reiki energy that brings us peace and joy.  We learn to be fed back to Reiki purifying energy and to increase the energy flow together.  


* Meditation

Binaural Reiki Meditation helps us to strengthen and retain the acquired Reiki energy. You get help sending Reiki to those you love and all living things in the world.


From start to finish, you will be guided by a certified Reiki shihan / master from the Gendai Reiki Network Japan.


Restorative Reiki ® workout

Duration: 60 min / occasion

Number of participants / group: 10 -15 (6 - 8)

How often: 1 time / week


INTRO PRICE SPRING 2021 - SEK 130 / occasion.  

When buying a 10-card SEK 1,200.

Normal price: 150 kr.

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