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certified binaural reiki therapist brt®

 Registration - Payment method - Accommodation

Registration process  

Write a short presentation about yourself and what motivates you to attend BRT® Vocational Training.

Send your presentation to our e-mail:

2. We will then send you the Registration Form directly to your e-mail. You fill it in and email it back to us.

3. We will then send a confirmation that we have received your application. At the same time you get an invoice  for payment of the registration fee of SEK 3,000.

By paying  In your registration fee, you insure your place in the education.

Registration is binding.  Read about Terms of Purchase here!


Payment method


Training cost: SEK 33,000. Registration fee: SEK 3,000.  


Installment plan: 10 months: SEK 3,000 / month.


At payment  of the entire sum at the start of the course the student receives  SEK 2,000 discount. The cost of the education will then be SEK 31,000.


Overnight stay

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are not included in the course fee.

The training takes place in the beautiful Österlen. Here you can stay in a hotel or find accommodation with  Airbnb.

* Hvitaby Järnvägshotell, built in 1902, is strategically located right in the heart of Österlen.

* Ängdala Hostel  is located on Österlen, between Kivik and Brösarp.

Grocery stores: ICA in Brösarp and Sankt Olof.

Vårdcentral & Apotek in Brösarp.

All walls go to Österlen!

To get here you have more options:

* Passenger train from  Helsingborg which passes Lund, Malmö, Ystad and  has a terminus in Simrishamn. From there, take bus line 574 towards Brösarp (* passes Vitaby and Ravlunda).

* From Kristianstad you take Skåneexpressen 4 and  Both stop at Kristianstad Airport and Brösarp.

Bus service  574 Brösarp - Simrishamn (*)  

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