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Nebulosa del Cangrejo

Learn to send the loving and positive Reiki energy to the child that grows within you! 

Both you and the child experience the connection of light and strong love between you, at the same time you float in an energy field filled with joy and balance.

During Binaural Reiki Circle, stationary and heavy energy is released. This happens when we resonate with the energies that vibrate at high frequencies. Healing processes are started both physically and mentally, your sleep and concentration are improved.

We end with Binaural Reiki Meditation as  helps us to strengthen and retain the acquired Reiki energy.  


From start to finish, you will be guided by a certified Reiki Shihan / Master from Gendai Reiki Network Japan.


Duration: 45 min / occasion

Normal price: SEK 100 / occasion

When buying a 10-card SEK 800

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